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Our top priority at Senior Care Connections is to help your loved one stay at home for as long as is safely possible. We can tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your family’s needs. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

Our experienced staff is quite accustomed to working with seniors who are initially resistant to our services. With observant eyes and a gentle heart, we listen and make it clear that our goal is to help your loved one retain as much control and autonomy as possible.

Seniors quickly realize that we are their advocates. We are their ally, not a threat.

Adult daughters and sons realize that we can

  •   offer suggestions
  •   smooth transitions
  •   provide an objective viewpoint
  •   save time, money, and distress

Give us a call at 216-901-6705 or email us at sarah@seniorcareconnections.net. We’d be honored to help your family navigate the sometimes choppy waters of elder care.

Our Services include:

Assessment and Care Planning

Our professional care manager will assess the client in his or her own environment to determine their current functioning and identify any areas of concern.  The comprehensive assessment will address the following areas;

  • Health care status: including diagnoses, medications, and status of ongoing medical care,
  • Physical functioning: including mobility issues and self-care capacity,
  • Cognitive functioning:  to assess for problems with memory, judgment, managing finances  or the ability to make safe decisions  for himself/herself on a daily basis,
  • Living environment: including a home safety evaluation, current services in the home and the appropriateness of the living environment to meet the individual’s needs,
  • Advance care planning status: including advance directives, powers of attorney or the need for an elder law attorney,
  • Entitlement programs: resources that may be available to pay for services such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits or other insurances held by the client

The assessment will identify any areas of concern in the individual’s environment or their current functioning.  The care plan flows from the assessment and provides recommendations to the individual and family that address the areas of concern and includes a variety of options for services and providers.  This assessment and care plan is presented during a family meeting, phone conference or in written form, depending on the family’s availability.

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Family Consultation

Often, family members are well aware of the problems facing their loved one, but need help to identify solutions for those problems.  We offer an in-home family consultation to talk about your family member’s current situation and the problems you have identified.  We then provide detailed information, strategies and specific referrals to address those problems.  An hour or two with an expert care manager can save you 10-20 hours of research and phone tag and many sleepless nights worrying about how to help your family member. We can help bring all the family members together to facilitate the difficult conversations that are often part of making family decisions about a loved one.  Our education and coaching is designed to help you learn how to be a care manager for your family member and advocate for their needs.  Many families ask us to return every year or so to discuss how the situation has changed and create an updated plan to address the changing needs of their loved one.

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Ongoing Care Management

When older adults and families need support on an ongoing basis, our care manager is an advocate who provides oversight, care coordination and support for the older adult(s) and family to:

  • Locate and oversee in-home caregivers
  • Liaison with medical professionals
  • Coordinate and attend physician visits and convey results to the family
  • Communicate regularly with out of town or local family
  • Visit the older adult(s) and monitor the care they are receiving
  • Advocate for services to meet the client’s needs
  • Coordinate home repairs and maintenance
  • Assist with relocation, when necessary
  • Educate the older adult and the family so informed decisions can be made
  • Provide 24/7 on-call availability to respond to crises, including urgent problems in the home or medical crises
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Care Monitoring and Support

Our care manager provides ongoing professional monitoring of individuals living in a variety of settings, including their own home, retirement communities, assisted living or nursing home.  This can be especially helpful when family members live out of town, or when a guardian or conservator is responsible for overseeing their care.

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Client Advocacy

The variety and complexity of services available to older adults can often feel like an overwhelming maze.  Understanding the health care, social service, legal and financial issues can be daunting for older adults and families alike.  Our care manager has extensive experience in negotiating these complex systems and understands how to best advocate for her clients to ensure their needs are met.

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Bill Paying Assistance

We offer assistance with bill paying to older adults who want to continue to pay their own bills, but feel more comfortable if someone else is reviewing the mail and bills to assure that they are not being targeted by scammers or becoming confused by misleading solicitations.

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Suggestions for Alternative Living Arrangements

If your loved one needs more assistance than can safely or affordably be provided at home, we are happy to make suggestions based on his or her needs, and on family finances. We understand the broad range of services available in the elder care continuum and can recommend local facilities most likely to result in a good fit and positive transition.

If you think your loved one could use some extra help, give us a call at 216-901-6705. We’d be happy to talk about your situation and ways to meet your family’s unique requirements.

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